Gone are the days when TVs arrive at your doorstep in oversized and bulky boxes. Now, with the development of inflatable cushion air column bag packaging, the future of TV shipping is looking much brighter.

The air column bags fit perfectly around the TV and can be inflated quickly using a pump, air compressor or automatic air column machine. It provides outstanding protection against bumps, shocks, and impacts during shipping.

This innovative packaging solution offers a range of benefits, such as improved protection against impact, reduced wastage and carbon footprint, and easy storage and transport. Moreover, air column bags are customizable and can be adjusted to fit any size and shape of the TV.

Inflatable Air Column Bag: The Future Of TV Shipping

PackBest has provided corporate customers with six different shapes and cost-controlled solutions for TV air column bags. Each solution provides essential shock resistance, drop resistance and cushioning protection for the transport of TVs, depending on the size and weight of the TV.

In summary, the introduction of inflatable cushion air column bag packaging has changed the game for the television industry. With its excellent protection properties and environmental benefits, this packaging is set to revolutionize the way delicate electronics are packaged and shipped.

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