• Custom Air Column Bag for Electric Kettles: Maximum Protection, Minimal Effort

    In the fast-paced logistics industry, safe transit of fragile goods such as electric kettles is crucial. Our solution: customized air column bags designed for electric kettles, ensuring top-tier protection and efficient handling. Tailored Perfection, Size Matters Our custom air column bags are tailored to perfectly fit your electric kettle, minimizing movement during transportation and reducing packaging waste.   Innovative bottom node design Our design features a unique bottom node system that automatically folds over and fits to the bottom of the carton, creating a secure air cushion liner. This provides great shock absorption, centers the kettle, and protects it from impacts without the need for extra inserts or liners.   Put a different kind of lid on your packaging Our custom pouches take protection to the next level with a custom top design that seamlessly converts into a protective “lid” when the box is closed. Simply fold the excess material…

  • Unlocking the Strength of Air Dunnage Bags

    In the expansive realm of transport packaging solutions, Air Dunnage Bags stand as the linchpin of effective and economical container transport. PackBest Air Packaging, a factory based in China, is renowned for its steadfast dedication to quality, prompt delivery, and vast inventory. Now, allow us to delve further into the specifics of Air Dunnage Bags. Materials: the cornerstone of durability Our sacks are crafted from a variety of high-performance materials such as polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), and woven polypropylene. The most prevalent air dunnage bags in the market include kraft paper and PP composite materials. To accommodate diverse packaging requirements and cost constraints of both local and international clients, we have also incorporated PP woven air dunnage bags and PE air dunnage bags into our range. Furthermore, taking into account customers’ usage preferences and convenience, we have introduced various valve options, including the standard B valve, the swift-fill C valve, and the newly…

  • Are Your Christmas Packaging Ready Yet? Try Paper Air Cushion!

    As the holiday season nears, excitement for joy and generosity fills the air. Amidst the busy holiday rush, one essential aspect that is often neglected is the packaging that symbolizes the Christmas spirit. This year, let’s discover the magical realm of paper air cushion packaging, a sustainable and creative solution that not only protects your presents but also brings a hint of sophistication and environmental friendliness to your festivities. Material Traits: The Power of Paper Air Cushion Paper air cushion, referred to as kraft liner or simply kraft, offers a distinct combination of sturdiness and adaptability. Crafted from wood pulp, this paper shows impressive robustness and durability, rendering it a perfect option for packaging needs. Its earthy brown color adds a rustic touch to any packaging, and its natural traits of moisture resistance and tear resistance guarantee the safety of your items from external factors. Moreover, kraft paper is entirely recyclable and biodegradable,…

  • The Innovative Application of Air Column Bags for Glassware Protection

    In the age of growing need for effective and eco-friendly packaging solutions, air column bags have become a revolutionary tool in the packaging sector, especially for delicate glassware. Their strong shock absorption and buffering capabilities make them perfect for protecting fragile glass products during handling and transportation. Additionally, their versatility in accommodating various sizes and shapes through customization enhances the value of this inventive packaging material. The classic method of utilizing foam packaging for glassware has been reliable yet inefficient. Although foam packaging is good at cushioning impacts, it usually needs a lot of storage space and increases the weight of the shipment, leading to higher transportation costs. On the other hand, air column bags are lightweight, compact, and take up less space, making them a cost-effective option. The primary benefit of air column bags is their superior protection for glassware. Each air column inside the bag is custom-designed. Even…

  • Protecting 3C Electronics with Air Column Bags

    In the digital age, 3C electronics—computers, communications, and consumer electronics—are essential in our daily lives. Yet, their fragility often requires robust protection, particularly during transit. Air column bags, a contemporary packaging solution, have become a dependable choice for safeguarding these sensitive devices. Material Composition PackBest air column bags are crafted from a premium 7-layer nylon co-extruded film material selected for its durability during transportation challenges such as shock, vibration, temperature variations, and humidity fluctuations. Moreover, these materials are tear-resistant, guaranteeing the integrity of the air chambers even in rough handling scenarios.   Structure Design At the heart of the PackBest air column bag lies the durable air columns, varying in width from 2-25 cm and in height from 20-180 cm pre-inflation. Once inflated, they create a robust three-dimensional structure enveloping 3C electronic gadgets, offering cushioning and impact resistance. A one-way non-return valve is integrated into the air column bag, ensuring automatic sealing post-inflation to…

  • How Customized Air Column Bags Protect Fragile Glass Products

    Glass products are recognized for their fragility and delicacy. Customized air column bags have emerged as an excellent protective solution for ensuring their safe transportation and storage. This article will delve into how the material, structural features, customization options, and protective characteristics of these bags make them ideal for safeguarding glass and other fragile items. Material The material used in air column bags is usually a high-quality plastic nylon film that is durable and lightweight. This plastic is designed to have excellent tensile strength and puncture resistance, providing a reliable barrier against external forces. It is also resistant to moisture and various environmental factors, ensuring the integrity of the protection it offers. Air column bags are specifically engineered to provide cushioning and support for fragile items during shipping or transportation. The unique design of these bags allows them to mold around the shape of the product, creating a custom-fit protective…

  • PackBest International Women’s Day Event Report

    March 8, 2022, is the 112th International Women’s Day and the 99th March 8th Women’s Day in China. On this day, PackBest Air Packaging held a special celebration for all female employees of the company. The company prepared flowers and cakes for each female colleague, thanking every female employee for their hard work over the years, and wishing them all a happy holiday and smooth work. PacBest hopes that every employee can grow and achieve here. Since the establishment of the company in 2006, every step of growth is inseparable from the hard work of every employee. PackBest people have always believed that inflatable packaging is the future of the packaging industry. We have also been concentrating on research, development, design, and production committed to Pass PackBest inflatable packaging all over the world.  PackBest also expresses holiday wishes to female friends all over the world, wishing peace, health, and happiness….

    Company News, News 2022-03-10
  • Notice Of 2021 National Day Holiday

    Dear all, Our factory will be closed between Oct 1st and Oct 4th due to 2021 National Day holidays. We will reply your emails as soon as we could once we are back on Oct 5th. Thanks! Wish our great motherland always prosperity!

    Company News, News 2021-09-30
  • China International Logistics And Supply Chain Expo

    On the morning of September 23, the 16th China (Shenzhen) International Logistics and Supply Chain Expo was grandly opened at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. As a high-tech interprise of inflatable packaging, PackBest has participated in the exhibition for many years. We have been engaged in the design, research, development, production, sales and service of cushioning inflatable packaging products for long time, and has developed into a leading interprise in the domestic inflatable packaging industry. In addtional to the domestic industry, we also have gradually opemed up overseas markets in more than 10 countries and regions including British, France, the United Sates, South Krean, and Thailand. We can supply professional design and customized services to provide high quality inflatable packaging products and solutions for domestic and foreign customers.

    Company News, News 2021-09-27
  • PackBest Was Awarded The Certificate Of National High-Tech Enterprise

    Good News ! After years of unremitting efforts, PackBest Air Packaging officially received the certificate of  “National High-Tech Enterprise”  jointly issued by Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Department of Finance of Guangdong Province,  and Guangdong Local Taxation Bureau, Certificate No. GR202044010089. PackBest was awarded the National High-tech Enterprise by virtue of its excellent technical strength, which marks that our company’s independent scientific and technological innovation capability, R&D investment, scientific and technological talents, and the level of transformation of achievements have been fully recognized by the relevant state units, which is of positive significance for the company to further enhance its independent innovation capability, strengthen its industry competitiveness and establish its brand image. After becoming a National High-tech Enterprise, with the government’s strong policy support, we can focus more on the research and development work, and can better provide efficient products and solutions for our customers, and we will demand our…

    Company News, News 2021-06-10

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