Shipping a TV can be expensive, and the last thing you want is for it to get damaged during transport. This is where the TV air column bag comes in. These TV AIR COLUMN BAGS offer an affordable and reliable way to ship your TV without worrying about damage.


The TV Air Column Bag comprises multiple inflatable air columns that can be easily inflated through PackBest patent non-printing air valve. This unique design allows for a customized fit around the television, providing a snug and secure cushioning effect. The air columns act as shock absorbers, effectively absorbing impacts and preventing damage during transit.


TV air column bag


TV air column bags come in different styles and sizes, making them perfect for packaging TVs of all shapes and sizes. These TV air column bags have been designed to offer exceptional cushioning and protection without adding any extra weight. Plus, the inflatable air columns are incredibly sturdy and resistant to punctures, ensuring your TV does not get damaged during transit.


Following are some of our customized TV air column bags.


Q Type TV Air Column Bag

This type of TV air column bag provides 360-degree protection for TV sets and is especially suitable for packing small-sized TV sets.


END-CAP TV Air Column Bag

This is a standard TV air column bag packaging solution on the market, to ensure the protective performance of the air column bag at the same time, taking into account cost control, is the preferred choice of most customers.


Edge Protector TV Air Column Bag

This TV air column bag protects the four corners of the TV in the most critical locations providing the most basic and necessary protection. Still, we recommend that larger and heavier TVs are not suitable for this packaging solution.


Hanging-film TV Air Column Bag

Hanging-film air column bag adds an additional layer of nylon protective film inside the conventional END-CAP type TV air column bag, this layer of nylon protective film will be suspended in the bottom of the air column bag 1-2cm position, further enhancing the performance of the buffer protection zone between the air column and the TV, this layer of protective film not only protects the TV itself but also protects the outer packaging air column.


Hanging-bag TV Air Column Bag

Hanging-bag TV Air Column Bag replaces the additional nylon protective film with an extra layer of the inflatable air column, double-layer air column protection, four layers of nylon protective film, and all-around enhancement of packaging protection performance, especially suitable for large-size TV packaging.


Inverted Triangle Air Column Bag

Inverted triangle air column bag type reinforced with a layer of similar “triangular” shape of the air column base at the bottom of the bag, to better slow the bottom of the TV shock, greatly reducing the probability of damage to the TV.



The TV Air Column Bag has already gained significant attention from retailers, e-commerce platforms, and logistics companies due to its exceptional protective capabilities. It offers peace of mind to both sellers and buyers, reducing the risk of product damage and associated costs.


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